5 Easy and Creative Fruit Platings

Fruits play a major role in completing the nutritional requirements of growing kids.  But being able to make your kids devour them is one big challenge to all mothers. Here are few interesting ways you could try at home to simplify your daily chaos on the dining table.

1. Banana-Kiwi Tree resting on an Orange hill

Bananas Kiwis Oranges source:
Bananas Kiwis Oranges, source:

2. Watermelon Ice Cream Sticks 

Watermelon Ice cream sticks source:
Watermelon Ice cream sticks, source:

3. Grape-Corn Minion

Fruit Minion, Source:
Fruit Minion, Source:

4.  Green Apple Owl

Green Apple Owl, Source:
Green Apple Owl, Source:

5. Orange Fish

Orange fish, source: creativefun4you
Orange fish, source: creativefun4you

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