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3 Immune Booster Drinks using Kitchen Spices

Many ways and methods have discussed in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic to boost our immune system and stay free from virus attacks. Natural ingredients are always a good option to build the first line of defense against the deadly virus. Spices are herbs that are well known for its medicinal, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties which were once traditional medicines. Here are few drinks with recipes that can be made with spices that are easily available in every Indian kitchen.

Turmeric Tea

Turmeric has been used for many benefits for more than thousands of years. Adding a pinch of turmeric to your normal milk tea can make it extra healthy and ideal for immunity boosting. It has got a warm and subtle flavor and is a great way to include turmeric in your diet.

turmeric tea in glass


Milk – 1 cup

Water -1/2 cup

1/2 teaspoon of Eastern turmeric powder

Honey/Sugar – as per taste

Method of Preparation

  • Mix milk and water together and make it boil
  • To the boiling milk add turmeric powder and simmer it for 3-4 minutes
  • Make the entire mixture boil on high flame for 1-2 minutes
  • Add sugar/honey and mix well
  • Serve it to teacup
  • Enjoy

Fennel – Tulsi Drink

Enriched in Vitamin C, fennel seeds have strong immunity-boosting properties. They act as a strong antioxidant, they also repair damaged tissue and has got a number of health benefits. Tulsi is rich in antioxidants and helps in reducing the stress and strain associated with lifestyle disorders. Combining this 2 gives you a perfect drink for immunity boosting during monsoon. Cooling this and drinking it as drinking normal water is as good as it can because of the property of fennel and Tulsi.

basil leaf tea in glass


Water 2 cups

Tulsi leaves 5-7

Fennel seeds 1 tsp

Honey 1 tsp

Black pepper 1 Pinch

Method of Preparation

  • Take water in a milk pan and add all the ingredients except honey
  • Bring the mixture to boil and simmer it for 5 minutes
  • Strain it and add honey
  • Your Fennel-Tulsi drink is ready.

Pathimugham Water

Pathimugam bark boiled in water is an elixir for digestive disorders and immunity. The astringent that is rich in tannic acid also blocks body pain triggers. Dental hygiene is also associated with Pathimugam drink as it protects gums and teeth.


Water 2 cups

Pathimugam bark – 2 pieces

Method of Preparation

Boil water in the pot and add the pathimugham bark, and boil

Drink warm or cold  as required

Try these drinks at home and stay health!

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