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9 of the best facts about Onam Sadhya

best ffacts about Onam Sadhya

Sadhya, the highlight of any Onam celebration has got many peculiarities both in terms of its taste and facts. Prepared in every household on Thiruvonam, Sadhya is a banquet which is quite elaborate. This blog gives you 9 of the best facts about Onam Sadhya.

  1. Onam Sadhya is the biggest traditional vegetarian meals in the world
  2. Onam Sadhya is served on plantain leaf tip, in such a way that tips of the banana leaf points to the left.
  3. One is supposed to have sadhya sitting crossed-legged on the floor. It is believed that this position helps to ease the digestive process.
  4. An average sadhya will have a minimum of 21 dishes dominated by the basic tastes of sweet, bitter, sour, and salty tastes.
  5. There is a strict placement for each dish and is served in a specific order. Order of serving starts with acidic dishes on the left to alkaline dishes on the right.
  6. The first round of servings are banana, pappadam, salt, upperi, sharkara varati, lemon pickle, mango pickle, puli inji, kichadi, pachhadi, olan, kootu curry, erriseri, mezhukku periti, thoran and avial. These are served from left to right order.
  7. Rice is served next. The second round of servings includes parippu, sambar, rasam, payasam and moru.
    best ffacts about Onam Sadhya
  8. Sadhya dishes are believed to be the top healthy ones, as the ratio of ingredients is just perfect for good health. No calories are count for sadhya but dishes are!
  9. There is specific etiquette even in folding the banana leaf when you’re done. If you liked the feast, it is folded towards you and vice versa if you didn’t.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy Onam!

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