10 Amazing Snacks to Share with Friends This Friendship Day

August 4 is celebrated as Friendship Day worldwide. This day is totally dedicated to spend time with friends and express love for them. Friends are there in your good times, failures, joy and anything that you go through. While there are a million ways to express our love for them, let’s make this friendship day extra special by sharing our handpicked collection of snacks, as you are more inclined to share food only with them!


‘If you order French fries alone, there’s an understanding that you must share’. This is so true in many of our cases! Hot and crispy fries with ketchup and garlic dip make a deadly combo to enjoy long chit chats with your best friends!


If there is a plan to eat out, Pizza would be the first option for any gang. We have a billion reasons to get together and end up in pizza. I bet, nobody can deny this!


Many of us have survived in the hostel only because of Noodles. Going out and treating yourself with a nice scrumptious meal can limit your pocket money like anything. That’s where our hunger saver Noodles comes! All you need is a kettle and a pack of Noodle to fill endless starving tummies, endless days.


This scrummy snack is a must-have when you are in movies and also to binge-watching Netflix. There’s nothing more joyful than enjoying time with buddies watching movies/series and some popcorn to make the ambiance more delighted.


The best snack to share is momos as they come in even numbers with a tempting smell at an affordable price. A big bite of momos with a dollop of chutney is in top favorite list.

Pani Puri

For us, Pani Puri is a feeling. It’s an all-time favourite in the chaat category and a big hit among Indian street food. There’s a famous saying ‘If your friends say no to pani puri, then ditch them and find new friends!’ Get your friends and have your favourite street food, with your favourite people.


What would be your canteen without a variety of nuggets in their menu to share with friends? Light and flavourful nuggets combining with ketchup or mayo are the best to enjoy chit chats with your best friends.


Melting chocolate in spongy cake with choco chips served straight from the oven is a must have dessert for every get together. And what better way than getting together with your closest friends over a fabulous meal with a pastry?

Bombay Toast

Bombay toast will definitely remind you of the golden hostel days when Bread and Egg was the only best friend you had, when you were hungry! This is a perfect breakfast, lunch and snack for all hostellers!

Happy Friendship Day to all readers !



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