These 5 Christmas Cookies will blow your mind

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Cookies are classic heroes of Christmas! Be it of any type, no Christmas is complete without cookies. There’s always a cookie plate at any Christmas party. Weeks are spent on baking and decorating cookies as they’re such an important symbol of Christmas! In Western countries, cookies and milk are left for Santa by kids on his one-night journey. The history could be linked with the Great Depression, as a trick used by parents to encourage generosity in their children. Christmas is here and let’s have a look at some mind-blowing Christmas Cookies.

Gingerbread Cookies, Europe

Look no further! We’ve got you covered for the perfect Gingerbread Cookie recipe.

gingerbread cookies

Get the full recipe by Give Me Some Oven

Speculoos, France

You know it’s Christmassy when you break out the Speculoos.

christmas cookies

Fattigman, Norway

Luxurious with cream, flour & sugar, Fattigman is an easy Christmas cookie.

christmas cookies

Get the full recipe by The Spruce Eats

Kerstkransjes, Netherlands

Keep it classic this holiday season with these versatile Kerstkransjes topped with almonds.

christmas cookies

Get the full recipe by Cake Ishq

Springerle, Germany

These Springerle cookies are a major homage to an unforgettable Christmas story.

christmas cookies

Here’s the recipe by All Recipes

Tell us what we missed. Do you have an amazing cookie recipe to share?

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